Students attend SAC zoo outing

On Saturday, Sept. 13, the Mercyhurst University Student Activities Council (SAC) held its annual field trip to the Erie Zoo.

The event, organized by SAC members junior Carly Blanding and sophomore Heather Shadle, was no extra cost to students, who loaded onto buses from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to make the trip.

“We handed out 63 tickets, which cost about $250,” Blanding said. “It wasn’t as many people as we had planned on, but considering the cold weather and high chance of rain, we considered it a pretty good turnout.”

Many students were excited to go, and were enthusiastic about the experience.

Maddie Castele, a freshman public health major, said that “going to the Erie Zoo was an amazing experience to share with my friends. I cannot wait to go back sometime.”

Intelligence studies major Erin Manth said that “the zoo is only one of the amazing things to do around Erie. I had so much fun going today and seeing all of the animals, especially the lions. I cannot wait to go back.”

Freshman Rebecca Harms said, “I enjoyed how Mercyhurst set up the trip. I have always really liked going to zoos and seeing all of the animals. It was a great experience with my friends I have never seen zoo animals so active before…I will remember this trip for a long time.”