Artist Jamie Borowicz, Mercyhurst alumna, at Erie Art Museum

The Erie Art Museum is proud to welcome Mercyhurst professor, Jamie Borowicz, and his exhibit “Pattern Recognition.”: Victoria Kreysar photoThe Erie Art Museum is proud to welcome Mercyhurst professor Jamie Borowicz and his exhibit “Pattern Recognition.”: Victoria Kreysar photo

Nature has a powerful hold on humanity, affecting us in almost every capacity.

Not only does the environment shape how we live, but it also captivates us as a ceaseless, unyielding mystery.

Jamie Borowicz, Ph. D., and Mercyhurst grad, is an artist who aims to bring the unfathomable splendor of Mother Nature to life through his artwork.

His pieces capture nature in a raw juxtaposition of the natural materials and their manmade art form.

Many of his pieces are short lived, created in natural settings that are soon taken away by the waves of Lake Erie, a strong wind or a rainstorm.

Pattern Recognition: Works by Jamie Borowicz will be on display at the Erie Art Museum from Sept. 13 to Jan. 11, 2015.

His work spans many different art forms, from sculptures to photographs, all of them jumping off the walls in their stunning splendor.

In this installation, Borowicz has freestanding sculptural pieces that reach eight feet high, 3-D paintings, and watercolors that are said to look simply stunning.

The amount of nature that surrounds the visitor in the gallery makes it seem as if they should be standing outside; yet the white walls and ceiling reinforce the indoors, creating a jarringly unique feeling.

Various geometric shapes form patterns in an eclectic mesh of perfect beauty.

Borowicz somehow manages to capture the essence of the natural in unnatural, manmade forms, and the result is stunning.

Jamie Borowicz teaches art and art history at Mercyhurst Prepatory School, and serves as an adjunct faculty member at Mercyhurst University.

After completing his undergrad at Mercyhurst, Borowicz went on to study Anthropology at the State University of New York at Buffalo, receiving his Masters and Doctoral degrees.

Many of his works are posted in his blog:

Admission to the Erie Art Museum is $5 for students and seniors, $7 for adults and children under five are free.

Admission is free every Wednesday and Second Sunday of the month.