Volleyball's Vitt dominating the court

Junior Kelly Vitt (33) celebrates with teammates after finishing a play during their game against Edinboro. Vitt is proving to b: Salina Bowe photoJunior Kelly Vitt (33) celebrates with teammates after finishing a play during their game against Edinboro. Vitt is proving to b: Salina Bowe photo

With mid-season setting in, Kelly Vitt, a junior setter for the Mercyhurst volleyball team, is just getting started. In the past 20 games, she has racked a total of 694 assists, 185 digs and 36 points.

That’s not all she is doing. Her achievements and goals outside of volleyball are as big as her stats on the court.

Originally from Stow, Ohio, Vitt came to Mercyhurst because of her best friend, Lexi Stefanov. Originally, only Stefanov was being recruited by the MU volleyball team, but after watching Vitt play, recruiters went for her, too.

“I don’t know how I would’ve survived here if I didn’t come with her. Making a whole new friend set—she made it a lot easier,” Vitt said.
The team chemistry does not stop with just Stefanov and Vitt.

“I feel like this year out of most years, we all hangout on the court and off the court all the time,” Vitt said.

According to Vitt, this has played a part in the team’s success this season. She said that everyone wants to come to the gym and practice every day because of the positive environment. This is especially important during mid-season when everyone becomes tired, Vitt said.

Vitt is experiencing a lot of personal success on the court this season. With 694 assists, she has become a keystone for the team. This is the first year that she does not have to share the setter position. In her freshman and sophomore years the position was split between her and another player. Being the only setter, she has been able to build her stats.
Staying on the court the whole game also allows Vitt to stay focused.

“Now I never come off the court, so I feel like I’m always so consumed in the game,” Vitt said.“It’s easier to just know what’s going on. When I come off the court, sometimes it’s hard to stay engaged.”

Vitt’s passion for volleyball continues off the court. Two of her current goals are to become a coach and be on the NCAA board.

“I love to learn about it and hopefully I can teach that to girls on and on, and on afterward,” Vitt said.

As for being a part of the NCAA board, Vitt is working on getting a summer internship in New Zealand which would allow her to sit-in on board meetings, help construct fundraisers and participate in other board activities.

Vitt already has a few of her own ideas. One idea she has is to create specialized classes for athletes to make up for lost class time due to early dismissals for away games.

To make up for this, she suggests creating a Monday/Wednesday section for athletes who miss on recurring days. Missed tests, assignments and information from lectures would not be an issue because they could be covered in the make-up classes.

Volleyball is clearly not just a sport to Vitt; it’s a passion. It is weaved into her whole life from playing it to making it a part of her career.

“Even when things get so physically and mentally tough,” she said, “…I always end up calling my mom saying, ‘I do still love it.’”

The Lakers will play their next game at home against California University on Oct. 17. The game will start at 7:05 p.m.