Tove Lo stays ‘High’ on the charts

In her debut album, Tove Lo delivers emotionally and musically.: photoIn her debut album, Tove Lo delivers emotionally and musically.: photo

The beauty of new artists is that they always bring something new to the table, whether it is catchy beats, interesting lyrics, or a rejuvenating passion for the art.

Swedish singer Tove Lo is no exception.

While most people recognize her from her single “Habits (Stay High),” remixed by Hippie Sabotage, her debut album, “Queen of the Clouds” is definitely going to give them something else to remember her by.

With a combination of beats, amazing lyrics and a haunting voice, Tove Lo is certainly delivering.

Throughout her work, an overwhelming feeling of passion and pain is always present, keeping you hooked as one song ends and the next begins.

“Queen of the Clouds” is divided into three sections, all depicting the stages of a relationship—The Sex, The Love and The Pain.

With heavy synth sounds and a love for simple yet intricate harmonies, she is not following the path of the music industry, but rather setting her own.

Her themes are so emotional that it is only appropriate her lyrics be just as raw and genuine.

Mix that with her vocals, and you have got yourself a listing of 18 tracks that are pure, unabashed and uncensored.

Personal favorites include “Timebomb,” “Moments,” “Not on Drugs,” “This Time Around” and “Love Ballad.”

They are by far her most original and truly highlight her X-factor: her lyrical crudeness and ability to break barriers.

Tove Lo does not need to be explicit in order to portray her angst—the themes of her music do so well enough.

That being said, there is a couple attempts that fall short.

While “Like ‘em Young,” “The Way That I Am” and “Thousand Miles” are good, they fail to accomplish the level of passion the other tracks on her album have.

For a debut release, Tove Lo does extremely well. She may be new to the game, but she certainly knows how to play.