Presidential search forum reveals students' emotions

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, students and faculty convened in the Mercy Heritage Room to discuss what the Mercyhurst community is seeking in the next president of the university. Students expressed concerns about the need to improve facilities on campus, as well as admiration for the quality of the faculty.

The presidential search consultants, Matthew Kilcoyne and Rusty Martin, Ph.D., led the meeting, asking students what they would like to see in potential candidates.

In the meeting, students were able to ask questions and raise concerns to Kilcoyne and Martin.

One of the main topics of concern was Mercyhurst facilities. During the forum an overwhelming number of students expressed that they would like to see improvements to the athletic center, classrooms and campus housing.

While students were adamant that they want the new president to take these concerns seriously, they were also sure to make it known that, despite these issues, the faculty is what keeps them here and makes Mercyhurst “the place.”

The several students also expressed that they would like the next president to come from a non-academic background, as well as be willing to conduct a large amount of fund raising in order to upgrade Mercyhurst’s facilities.

The presidential search consultants were clear that the comments and concerns brought up in the meeting would be key to helping them find the next university president.