Original choreography displays talent

The Mercyhurst College Dance Department held an impromptu choreography showing in the Dance Space in Zurn Hall on Thursday, May 7.

The "Close the Door" program showcased the talents of Choreography II students Claire Hinde, Sarah Mastrocola and Nicole Lyons.

Each choreographer has been working hard all term to put together an original combination so they can show their dances to the public for the first time.

"Each piece was very authentic, and each dancer had the chance to have their individual talents shown off. They also showed their strength as a department as a whole," freshman Rachel Reszler said.

The event was very well attended for an informal showing, with most of the members coming out to support their friends. They were very supportive of the new choreographers.

"I thought it was very professionally done. Mercyhurst should be proud of its dance program," freshman dance major Megan Dunphy said.

Nicole Lyons presented her work first, with a piece titled "Seven." It was a modern take on the seven deadly sins. There was no music for this piece, and each dancer who represented a different sin delivered a coinciding monologue.

Claire Hinde presented her piece next, which was entitled "Never a Sure Thing," and included music by Dido and Enya. Claire conveyed the feeling of unreturned love and how time can be spent wanting it. She combined quick energetic movements with slower, more fluid ones to create a very deep effect.

Sarah Mastrocola presented the final piece, which was titled "To Let You Go—A Work in Progress," and included music by GP~00, Faultline and Coldplay. She tried to show how she was working out loss, and that you have to go on living, while letting go of the person you lost. This was an extremely emotional piece, which was conveyed by the dancer’s lyrical movements and facial expressions.

Overall, this was a great beginning to the careers of Mercyhurst’s young choreographers. Lyons described it as "a good beginning that will lead to more choreographic opportunities. It was a good way to showcase some of Mercyhurst’s talent."

Rachel Reszler photo

The choreography show displayed not only the dancers’ talent but also that of the student choreographers.