Video game review: 'Bite Me'

Pros: Free, good looking, and socially interactive.

Cons: They try to make you spend money in other ways.

3 out of 5 stars

On Facebook, there has been a flood of vampire-based games. This has been brought on, obviously, by movies and books like “Twilight.” “Bite Me” is no exception to the genre. However, this game is unique. Many of the other games are built the same way and mainly involve clicking a button repeatedly till you reach the next level. This game is different from the others and, I am glad to say, better.

“Bite Me” allows users to create their own characters to represent them in the game. This character can be customized with clothing from the “shop” in the game. Once you have created your character, you go out into a world of demons and other, angrier vampires.

The battle system of the game is a turn-based battle system very similar to Final Fantasy. The game also allows users to go up against friends in “clan” battles. The graphics look good in comparison to some other games I have seen. The game play is also fun. Overall, it is a good game to kill some time.

“Bite Me” has some problems that keep it from being a great game, though. In battles, you gain back health by “feeding” off your Facebook friends but, once you run out of friends, it is difficult and expensive to regain health. The only way this happens is by using something called “elder’s blood.” This type of blood costs “saga credits” which you get by going up in levels (a difficult task when you have no way of healing yourself in a fight) or by buying them with real money from the company that makes the game. In other words, while the game is “free”, they try to find ways to squeeze money out of you in other ways.

Overall, “Bite Me” is an OK game. It is different from other vampire games out there right now and is a good time waster when you have nothing else to do. Unfortunately, there really is nothing incredibly special about it and the game company that makes it wants you to pay for the kinds of things that would make the game better.

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