Hiding behind technology

Jordan ZangaroJordan ZangaroThink about the big moments in your life, both good and bad. Think about your biggest mistake and when you finally had to tell someone. Or, think about when a beautiful girl or handsome boy that caught your eye and you wanted the chance to talk to them. Or what about quitting a job? All of these things and other big moments in your life should be done face-to-face, but what has technology done to us?

Before you call me a hypocrite, hear me out. Yes, I have a cell phone. Yes, I communicate through e-mail and text messages. And yes, I have a Facebook account to which I am pretty addicted. However, that does not mean that I agree with what is going on. I know how to talk face-to-face and, for the big things, that is how I approach situations that way.

My younger brother is in high school and he has never called a girl’s house and had to talk to her parents before he could talk to her. My cousin fights with her boyfriend through text and never even hears what he really has to say. My roommate last year told me she would rather have a serious conversation with the boy she was dating on Facebook because it was easier.

I agree. It is easier.

It is easier to have conversations through text than it is to actually talk to someone. When mistakes are made, or things don’t go as planned or when a situation gets sticky, it is definitely easier to just send everything virtually. But, how much weight does an apology have through text? How sincere does it seem if you tell someone how you feel about them for the first time through an e-mail?

I don’t think there is a big problem with texting. I just think that sometimes it gets out of hand. It takes credibility away from you when you choose to handle yourself the easy way. Some situations are meant to be hard to deal with – so deal with them.

Even though we are the generation of technology, that doesn’t mean we need to hide behind it.