Tips on getting involved at 'Hurst

Moving away from home and starting college is a new, life-changing experience. To make this transition easier, it is a good idea for students to become involved in activities at Mercyhurst College.

Instead of sitting in a dorm room missing home, it is better for students to spend their time doing something they enjoy. Students are able to make friends with those who share similar interests through the college clubs and organizations.

To find out what clubs Mercyhurst has to offer, attend the Recognized Student Clubs/Organizations (RSCO) Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Members of about 55 RSCOs will be there to inform students about getting involved. This event takes place from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Herrmann Student Union.

When choosing a club or organization, it is wise for students to find a good balance between activities they did throughout high school and unfamiliar activities they have never tried.

Whether it’s organizing a farmer’s market for the Green Team, dancing in the student-run musical, or gazing at the stars in Astronomy Club, Mercyhurst has plenty of opportunities to get involved in campus life.

While meeting people, becoming involved and having fun are important, try not to become overwhelmed with too many clubs. Studying and completing homework are important aspects of college as well.