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Keeping it fresh

September 8, 2009

Need some groceries but can’t make it to the store this weekend? Make your way down to E. 38th St. and Pine Ave. to Mercyhurst’s newest “green” initiative, a weekend farmers' market. Mercyhurst College and the ...

Donor 150’s daughter unites with siblings

May 13, 2009

Mercyhurst College freshman JoEllen Marsh has two moms. "‘You have a donor, not a dad,’ my moms always told me," Marsh said. "We didn’t use the word ‘father’. We always called him &lsq...

Blood drive driven to success

May 13, 2009

   Two Mercyhurst College communication students were part of a client project for the Strategic Communication II course, where they were assigned to work with companies to address problems they were having. Seniors Matt Wal...

Seniors’ plans with one foot out the door

May 13, 2009

      In 12 days, 288 hours, and 17,280 minutes, Mercyhurst College seniors, the Class of 2009 will graduate. Although armed with four years of education, the prospect of the real world is daunting. Some embrace...

Students ready for year’s end

May 13, 2009

      Summer is usually a time to return home to homemade cooking, high school friends and nagging parents. But for some Mercyhurst College students, summer is used for relaxation and vacation. For others; finding a j...

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