Laker TV strives to entertain

Students tired of turning on the TV to find nothing entertaining should check out Laker TV, the local student-run television station at Mercyhurst College.

This year, changes are being made to the way Laker TV is run.
Sophomores Victoria Gricks and Alex Keener are two students who help head the direction of Laker TV and are looking to make changes.

This year, programs on Laker TV will include some from past years and a few new ones.

Gricks and Keener are bringing back and revamping “The Hollywood Buzz,” “MC Charts” and “Hockey Week.”

Possibilities for new shows include a prank show, “Mercyhurst Cops,” a cooking show and a sports show.

“We strive for a professional atmosphere and are committed to having entertaining TV,” Gricks said. “We really want to create something that students want to watch.”

In order to gain more viewers, Laker TV’s focus for the year is to create shows students want to watch.

Last week, students involved with Laker TV interviewed President Dr. Thomas Gamble about the Mercyhurst College change to university status.

“We want Laker TV to be something we can look back and be proud of,” Keener said. “For me it is not about being on television but making great shows. We are looking to create a foundation, an unprecedented project we can really be proud of.”

Keener and Gricks welcome any student in any major to come and help if interested. The experience working at the station will be great for any profession, and there is always room for more help and ideas, Gricks said.

Students who aren’t interested in helping but wish to view the shows can turn on Channel 19 to watch fellow Mercyhurst students on Laker TV.