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2021-2022 Staff

Gillian Mazur
Editor in chief

Gillian Mazur

Hi, my name is Gillian Mazur and I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I am currently a senior majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Social Media & Web. I have been writing for The Merciad since week one of my freshman year (2018-2019),...

Managing editor

Samantha Weber

Copy editor

Libby Bullinger

Ashley Barletta
News editor

Ashley Barletta

Hi! My name is Ashley Barletta. I am an English major from Oil City, Pennsylvania. I'm really excited to be the News editor for the Merciad because I love writing and hope to have a career in journalism after graduating from Mercyhurst....

Victoria McGinty
Features editor

Victoria McGinty

hello! My name is Victoria McGinty. I am a Junior History major with a double minor in English and Photography. I'm from Cleveland, I have been writing for the Merciad since day one of my freshman year. In my spare time, I enjoy...

Arts and Entertainment editor

Emma Coppolo

Opinion editor

Zach Dumais

Sports editor

Sydney Dietz

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