Video game review: "Wild Ones"

Pros: Original, a more interesting way to pass the time
Cons: Prone to lagging and crashing
Four out of Five Stars

Do you feel the urge to have massive battles with your friends online? Shoot each other with rocket launchers and nukes?

Then Wild Ones is the game for you. Wild Ones is a game where you play as furry creatures ranging from rabbits to pandas that have a thing for shooting each other with very large and powerful weapons. The Wild Ones is a game made by Playdom and can be found on Facebook.

The concept is simple. You choose what kind of animal you want to play and each animal has its own special ability. For example, rabbits have a super jump they can use to get onto high ledges. You then can customize this animal with hats, pants, helmets or whatever. You are given some weapons to use right away. Then you let your critter loose onto the battlefield. You go up against other real players and try to defeat each in multiple battle types. For example, you will have something called “point match” where you try to see who can do the most damage to the other player before time runs out. Another type of game is “last team standing” where you join up in teams to see which team is still alive at the end of the battle.

Wild Ones has to be one of the most original games I have seen on Facebook. Unlike the numerous clones of Farmville or Mafia Wars, it brings a whole new level of online play to the site with its use of Player vs. Player rather than trade and gifting as the main interaction between players. Players can actually speak to each other in a chat bar as they try to blow the other away making for really interesting interactions between people. I personally have found that I am playing this game more on Facebook than any other game on the site right now because it is so much more different than every other game on the site. I think this game is a much better way to pass the time then just repetitive point and click that many games on Facebook seem to be going with.

If there is one thing that is a downer about this game, is its tendency to lag a lot. You will find yourself spending a lot of time watching a frozen screen as you wait for your turn to finally start so you can blow some of your opponents away. You will also find that the game crashes a lot. Though the game play is very good when it works, you will ask yourself if there are other things you could be doing beside dealing with the lags and crashes.

All in all this game is great and original. Unfortunately, it has some major technical issues that need to the sorted out. This is why I’m giving it four out of five stars.

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