Bloggers attract prospective students

The admissions and public relations departments recently organized a collection of 10 student blogs to attract prospective students to Mercyhurst College.

The 10 bloggers are all members of the Ambassador Club Communications Committee who receive Ambassador service hours for blogging.

The bloggers come from various majors and class standings. The variety of majors helps to offer different viewpoints for prospective students.

According to junior Lindsay Cox, who is one of the bloggers, three freshmen Ambassador Club pledges will soon be added to the group of 10 bloggers.

This will allow the college to offer blogs from a freshman perspective.

The blogs allow students to share the reality of everyday life at Mercyhurst College.

“I think the blogs make a difference because they show what everyday life is like,” sophomore Paige Bosnyak said. “Essentially, that could be a deciding factor in whether a prospective student attends or not.”

Cox writes about life at Mercyhurst, and she takes this a step further by regularly uploading photographs to her blog.

“I know that when I was a senior in high school, I would have loved to look at pictures and see what it was like on an average day at a particular school,” she said. “The blogs allow prospective students to do just that.”

Aside from presenting the daily life of a Mercyhurst student, the blogs act as an extension of campus tours hosted by the Ambassador Club.

Many of the bloggers offer advice to future students.

Cox advises students to get involved on campus and to investigate the dining services of a potential college.

Student bloggers are required to update their blogs once a week.

They are permitted to write about any subject as long as their writing abides by the rules and standards of the Ambassador Club handbook.

Even though the bloggers want to present the best side of Mercyhurst, they do not lie about the negative aspects of daily life.

“I try to be realistic in my writing because at the end of the day, I know that I love Mercyhurst and the opportunities that it affords me, but if someone is not meant to be here then I don’t want to falsely draw them in here,” sophomore Joseph Pudlick said.

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Admissions Department photo: The 10 Mercyhurst College student bloggers are members of the Ambassador Club Communications Committee.Admissions Department photo: The 10 Mercyhurst College student bloggers are members of the Ambassador Club Communications Committee.