‘Hurst football makes history

Think for a second, if you will, to a truly momentous and historic sports event that you’ve personally witnessed. For me, it’s high school football, 2007. The senior year of high school, and my Depew Wildcats won their first-ever section championship, in a program that is about 90 years old. In the setting of Ralph Wilson Stadium (home of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills), it’s something I’ll never forget.
And thanks to our own Mercyhurst Lakers football team, 2010 is a year that will be forever etched into the memories and countless people—players, fans, coaches, supporters of any kind.

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Library creates virtual stacks with 47,000 ebooks

The inconvenience of going to the Hammermill Library to check out a book and finding that it is not available can be avoided with the new ebooks Mercyhurst College’s library now offers.

Instead of physical hardback books, ebooks are electronic literature that can be found online. They can be read page by page, or specific words and terms can be searched for if a student is looking for a particular part of the book.

Unlike the library where there usually isn’t more than one copy available, ebooks allow many people to read the same book at one time.

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Haunted Hurst wins national award

Mercyhurst College was recently awarded the Outstanding Social Program Award from the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA).

The program that earned Mercyhurst the award was none other than the popular annual event “Haunted Hurst.”

The award was presented during the NACA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, held in Lancaster from Oct. 14-17.

About 110 schools were in attendance at the conference.

The National Association for Campus Activities was founded in 1960.

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Police Cadets train with tasers

Imagine the formal training for your current job if it included being Tasered with 50,000 volts of electricity.

This is what 35 Mercyhurst College Municipal Police Training Academy students have to face as a part of their training.

Tasers are a non-lethal tool than guns for stopping suspects. Bill Hale, director of the Municipal Police Academy and manager of Law Enforcement Training, has witnessed many taserings throughout his career.

“Less-lethal weapons are becoming more and more accepted by police departments,” Hale said.

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