Laker introduces new dining options

Lauren Murphy, Contributing Writer

The Laker Inn has made several changes this school year, including removing the Bento Bowl and Smoothie Bar and adding the milkshake station, the Egg Bar, the Daily Dish, Salads by Design and new beverage options.
Out of all of the services offered at the Laker in previous years, the Bento Bowl and Smoothie Bar were not as popular among students. As a result, executives at the Laker and members of Mercyhurst Student Government teamed up to brainstorm a more attractive Laker Inn.
“These were student driven changes and happened by collaborating with Mercyhurst Student Government,” said Dean Schoenfeldt, senior general manager of Parkhurst Dining.
According to Park Bogan, vice president of MSG, the close relationship MSG has with Schoenfedt and Parkhurst is what allowed them to give students what they want.
“Students wanted healthier food options in the Laker, and we were happy we had the ability to work with Parkhurst to make that happen, adding more variety to the menu,” Bogan said.
Within the first two days the Laker was open, all of the milkshakes were sold, and were out of stock for a few days until more could be ordered and delivered according to Schoenfeldt.
“I love them, they will be where I am spending all of my money,” said sophomore Hospitality Management major Aaron Ellis.
The station offers thirteen different Hershey flavors.
The Bento Bowl was converted into the Egg Bar and the Daily Dish. The Egg Bar serves breakfast until 1:30 p.m. and The Grill opens at 10:30 a.m.

The Daily Dish is a themed food eatery that changes weekly, including the Asian cuisine that used to be offered at the Bento Bowl, according to Schoenfeldt.
The Salad Bar is structured in a way that allows a student to build his or her own salad, and is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. There are three different sizes: small, medium and large, that all come at different prices. The prices are mapped around the $6.50 price point, which is the price of the medium.
Students can also choose from six different toppings and are able to suggest the types of toppings they would like.
“If someone wants pears for their salad, I can have that done by the next day,” said Schoenfeldt.
Included in the drink additions is an array of Starbucks beverages and Lipton teas.
Other changes are that the Cantina brought back ground beef, and has brought the price of all Cantina meals back down to $6.50 instead of $7.
The On-The-Go station added some additional choices, such as new fruit cups, and the menu at the Deli was changed to provide a more effective way of ordering sandwiches.
“The Deli has fresh baked bread, is build your own and is set up close to the way Subway is,” said Schoenfeldt.
Leah Weingartner, sophomore Graphic Design major, is happy with the new layout of the Laker.
“The changes function better than last year,” Weingartner said.