Hospitality Management earns reaccreditation


Tung Vu

Senior Hospitality Management majors Katy Sieb and Aaron Crecraft develop their culinary skills.

Melanie Todd, Staff writer

Mercyhurst’s Statler Department of Hospitality Management earned a seven-year accreditation term from the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration this year.
“This is our third seven-year term, which is the longest possible term given and makes us one of the longest accredited departments on campus,” Dr. Daryl Georger, chair of the Statler Department of Hospitality and Management, said.
“We are one of the oldest hospitality management departments in the country,” said Georger.   “There is a high regard for our program.”
The only other hospitality program funded by the Statler Foundation is the Cornell University Statler Hotel School.
“Their [ACPHA]  goal is to provide public assurance that programs in hospitality administration are of global quality,” Georger said.
ACPHA evaluates the programs and awards accreditation for either one, three or seven years at a time.
“It was almost flawless. I am just so proud of the commitment of Mercyhurst administration, the faculty and the students,” Georger said when describing Mercyhurst’s reaccreditation experience.
“The reaccreditation is evidence of our commitment to global quality in hospitality management and the commitment of Mercyhurst administration to the Statler Hospitality and Management Department, including facilities, financial support, academic support, quality faculty, library resources and other areas,” Georger said.
“It constantly gives me pride to see all of the students becoming successful,” Georger said.
On an average day, Georger talks to about 50 alumni.
“We have one of the best-networked alumni groups,” he said.
Alumni often host interns or post helpful articles and tips on the Mercyhurst Hospitality Management website.
“My amount of pride grows each year,” said Georger. “We have alumni that are managers and vice presidents.”
Mercyhurst’s impressive hospitality alumni has become a draw for prospective students.
“There’s a lot of networking, that’s kind of why I chose Mercyhurst. There are connections all over the world,” said Madelyn Atendido, a junior Hospitality Management major. Last summer, Atendido interned at the Westin Resort in Hilton Head, SC.
“Hospitality is one of the largest industries in the world and is expected to increase 25 percent in the next five years,” said Georger. “They need managers.”
“In high school I got my cosmetology license and I came here so that I could expand on that and work in luxury hotels and spas,” said sophomore Hospitality Management major Jordan Tidwell. A Hospitality Management degree will help make her a competitive candidate in the field, especially with a cosmetology license under her belt as well.
“The teachers tell us how to deal with certain situations and manage the departments to make the most money,” Atendido said.  It is important for a hospitality manager to understand the inner workings of every department in order to maximize profit.
“Revenue management is the newest focus of the hospitality industry. With the borders opening in Cuba and Iran, they need competitive intelligence,” Georger said. There may be an overlap of intelligence studies courses and hospitality management courses in the near future.
“Mercyhurst has found a niche and we need to continue to nurture it,” Georger said.