Laker TV adds fresh comedy to lineup

It all started back in September 2010 when we decided to make a comedy show. Since that time, the idea has evolved and taken shape, and it eventually took on a life of its own. The resulting concept became something we never anticipated.

One of the first decisions made for the show was the name “Organic Banana.” Humorously, this was the very first title suggested and we instantly thought that it perfectly embodied the spirit of randomness that we hoped to inject into our show.

The format of “Organic Banana” is a new concept, and certainly new for Laker TV. It is the first situation comedy in the history of Laker TV. The show takes place entirely out of the studio, and it chronicles a fictionalized version of our lives. Each episode has a plot that follows our adventures as college students at Mercyhurst.

But “Organic Banana” is not just a sitcom, it would more accurately be classified as a “skitcom.” It is part situation comedy, and part sketch comedy. In each episode, the plot is occasionally interrupted by a comedic sketch. With this format, you never really know what to expect on an episode of “Organic Banana.”

You may have seen some of our work on the cooking show “A Dash of Awesome” earlier this year, which we completely produced ourselves, with Matt directing and Brady editing. You may have also seen our appearances in the Parkhurst commercials that aired during each episode of “A Dash of Awesome.”

With “Organic Banana” we plan to capture the same comedic energy of those commercials for an entire half hour of randomness and hilarity.

We’ve spent a great amount of our free time on this show. For the entire first half of this school year, we have been perfecting the concept and developing our own unique style of comedy. Each new episode will air Tuesday night at 8 p.m. (when last night’s explosive series premiere went live), as well as Wednesdays at 4 p.m. and Fridays at 7 p.m.

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Be forewarned — in our screening tests, eight viewers died. The cause is unknown, but it’s speculated that their minds were blown.