Band ‘Kevlar’ rocks first album

Kevlar is a reinforcing agent used in protective material; it also happens to be the name of a hard rock band.
The name reinforces who they are as a band, their energy and their performance.
The lead singer is Mercyhurst’s very own Kelci Guzzo, whose stage name is Kelci Margaret.
The band has toured extensively with numerous bands and have headlined a few of their own shows.
They are currently in the studio recording their second album, which will be released early 2016.
With the hard work that was put into “The Void,” it is obvious that we are to expect more amazing work to come.
“The Void,” which was released June 30, encompasses the sound that the band has been aiming for thus far. The five-song album is packed with crafty guitar solos and riffs, hard-hitting drums, a bass that reverberates through your soul and vocals that give you chills.
The first song on the album, “The Void,” from which the album was titled, is a precursor for the rest of the songs on the album, as it sets the mood.
Recently, the band released a music video for this song.
The next song “Never Mine, Nevermind,” reinforces the sound and musical talent that the band had established throughout “The Void,” through its hard hitting instrumentals and soulful vocals.
Furthermore, “The Happening”is that song on any album that has the guitar riffs and a drum beat that makes you want to get on your feet at the show to jump and dance around the pit with vocals that can make you picture singing along to it at their show.
“For Emma” brings the album down to a more serious note which establishes a personal connection with the band and their vocalist Kelci.
It is a song that can be relatable to almost anyone and would have everyone singing to it in the crowd.
Finally, “Something Strange (Ghosts),” kicks it back up and ends the album with their original sound that exemplifies who Kevlar is as a band.
It is a great album for a band that is not well-known and makes it evident that they will go far.
If you are interested in listening to or buying the album, you can check out their bandcamp page KevlarOfficial.
If you want to stay up to date on what is happening with the band you can like their Facebook page: Kevlar (Offical Band Page) and follow them on twitter @kevlarrocks.