Mercyhurst North East ranked 15th for affordability

Adrian Monty, Staff writer

Mercyhurst North East was recognized as the 15th most affordable small Catholic College by College Values this past June.
Mercyhurst North East made it into the top 20 from the original list of over 150 schools that were considered and analyzed for their affordability.
“When Mercyhurst North East is recognized in such a positive spotlight, it enables us to further showcase another aspect of what makes Mercyhurst North East so great: affordability of an outstanding private college education,” Adam O’Grady, director of admissions for Mercyhurst North East said.
The criteria for the ranking originally included accreditation, affiliation [to the Catholic church], affordability, which is what the focus of North East’s ranking is, and maximum enrollment [of 2,000 or fewer undergraduate students].
Mercyhurst North East’s net price is $13, 822 as of this year, which is how it ranked so high in the affordability category out of all of the other analyzed schools.
Along with the relatively low cost of admission, Mercyhurst North East also offers a range of financial aid including work study, athletic scholarships, a North East Grant, and the opportunity to receive a scholarship in the case of a student transferring to the main campus after their two years at Mercyhurst North East.
“The ranking should assist in sending a message to interested applicants that Mercyhurst North East is an affordable investment that will pay great dividends,” O’Grady said.