‘Malevolence’ for Halloween

New Years Day’s released their latest album, “Malevolence” on Oct. 5.
New Years Day’s genre is self-proclaimed ‘hauntedmansioncore’ which is basically gothic rock.
This album provides the perfect playlist for any Halloween type of activity you choose to do this year.
The 12 track album is packed to the brim with hard hitting drums, chilling vocals, well-timed screams, catchy guitar riffs and pounding bass that easily reverberates through your chest.
The album starts with the track “Kill or Be Killed,” which can be the perfect start to Halloween festivities.
The slight synth beat can be heard underneath the layers of the hardcore instrumentation, giving it a very haunting feel.
Ashley’s angelic vocals in this track are a stark contrast to the meaning behind the lyrics she sings.
The song “I’m About to Break You” gets in the listener’s face with guitar riffs that make them want to head bang along with Costello.
“Alone” starts out slow, giving the impression that it will be a slower song but it kicks up right away when least expected. This is one of the songs on the album that makes you feel the blood and tears that were put into it.
“Left Inside” is definitely one of the tracks that will be a necessity on all Halloween playlists as it starts out with a deep tone that builds into something more and delivers with well-timed screams and an explosion of instrumentation.
“Relentless” and “Save Myself From Me” follow a signature method that is unique in their sound.
“Anthem of the Unwanted” is the perfect anthem for rebels on Halloween night and is a must-have song because it was written to be as such with a catchy theme and an anthem anyone could scream along.
“Scream” takes it down to a more seductive tone with Costello’s siren-like voice, enticing with the sexual lyrics and instrumentation.
“Your Ghost” kicks it back up with the haunting combination of lyrics and instrumentation that is signature for this band.
“Epidemic,” has ghoulishly delicious lyrics and is a perfect fit for the mood that is set throughout the album.
Finally, “Malevolence,” the title track for the album, finishes off the album with a combination of Costello’s chilling voice and screams, haunting lyrics, ravenous guitar riffs and a sinister drum beat that gives the perfect Halloween aesthetic needed for this season.
It is the ultimate farewell that makes you want to listen to the album again.