‘Stitches’ highlights fiber art

Jenny Sabliov

Fiber art is a fine art consisting of natural or synthetic fiber and other components, such as fabric or yarn.
It focuses on the materials and on the manual labor as part of the works’ significance. It prioritizes aesthetic value over utility.
Contemporarily speaking, fiber art takes its context from the textile arts. What makes it art is significant. The focus is on conveying a message or meaning and emotion beyond just simple fabrics patterns.
One of the most common forms of fiber art is quilting, where layers of fabrics are stitched together. This, along with other types of art, engages contemporary themes and issues, will be presented in the Cummings Art Gallery on Monday, Nov. 9, at 9 p.m. and will be available until Dec. 3. There will also be a reception taking place on Saturday, Nov. 14, between 2 and 4 p.m.
Using the chain stitch as inspiration, juror Tina Williams Brewer, a Pittsburgh fiber/quilt artist, began a chain, bringing together contemporary fiber artists for this exhibition of quilts and fiber art that engage contemporary themes and issues.
Internationally-honored creator of story quilts, Williams Brewer is known for her artistic exploration of African-American history and the personal experiences associated with it.
Her work is known for its displays of African American culture and heritage. She utilizes symbolism, textile and fabrics to create story quilts that are motivated by issues focusing on family, women, children and the spirituality of the culture.
For over 30 years, her name has been synonymous in the artistic mention of the “Story Quilt.” Brewer’s spectacular, meaningful display is not one to miss because of the experience of rich culture told throughout the stitches.