MSG and MAC enact new feminine hygiene initiative

Sami Rapp, Editor-in-chief

Mercyhurst Student Government is taking a stand for women’s health.

MSG, along with the Multicultural Activities Council, has recognized the student concern for female hygenic products on campus. The organizations are working together to implement safe products starting in J-Term.

Free feminine products will be available in one woman’s restroom in every building on campus. Mercyhurst’s housekeeping will supply and refill the products.

“There was a need there, so we needed to fill it,” Collier said.

MSG and MAC look to team-up with the Health Center for informational nights. The initiative, according to Collier, was not only to make safe products available, but to also teach students about the benefits and consequences that follow all products.

Samantha Collier, chairwoman for the Multicultural Activities Council was part of the team that created the initiative.

“I noticed that there were a lot of students coming from countries that use different female hygienic products than we are normally used to. One time, there was a conversation that brought up reusable pads,” said Collier. “Many of my colleagues from the United States were aghast.”

It is currently undetermined if this program will stay free. The month of January is being used as a test to see how people are adapting to the products. MSG wants to determine how many they will need to order.

“We hope students treat this new privilege with respect and care, as there are many students that cannot afford to purchase these products each month,” Collier said.