‘Deadpool’ movie review

David McDonald, Contributing Writer

The movie ‘Deadpool’ is an elegantly crafted mix of romance, fourth wall breaks and super hero delight. It is not the average tale of a human attempting to make a difference in society, but rather a gritty tale of a man trying to fix his own life. This movie weaves a story about Wade Wilson (Deadpool), a man diagnosed with cancer, who goes to great lengths to cure himself. He instead ends up an ugly wreck with super powers, tries to save his girlfriend and kill the guy who made his life a nightmare. He also cannot die, which adds to the film’s witty charm. Joining him in his misadventure are two X-Men who attempt to subdue Deadpool’s antics. Overall, this movie is a fresh take on a super hero genre that needs some change to its all-too-common motifs. So, if you are searching for a great movie to watch, this will add some spice to your selection.