Bollheimer named general counsel

Melanie Todd, Staff writer

After 10 years of working for Mercyhurst, Meredith Bollheimer will now serve as general counsel and vice president for legal affairs.

Bollheimer is an assistant professor and adviser for the Pre-Law Society. She is also the educational compliance adviser to the Office of Academic Affairs, and handles Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance for the University.

Now, a new door has opened for her.

“As [General Counsel], I will provide legal advice to internal constituents across multiple areas. Some examples of the work include contract review and advising on compliance obligations,” Bollheimer said.
That is just one part of what Bollheimer will be responsible for as general counsel.

“The job requires a broad- based level of understanding across many different areas of the law, from tax law to real estate law, and this can be challenging because the legal field is so big,” Bollheimer said.

Still, Bollheimer said she looks forward to the challenge.

“You really have to be a generalist, but that is in part what makes the job so appealing. I get to do something different every day,” Bollheimer said.

Bollheimer practiced law in insurance defense, worker’s compensation and family law before working at Mercyhurst. Her experience in these different areas as well as with her advising roles at Mercyhurst will assist her in her new role as general counsel.

“I really like the idea of getting to employ what I have learned over the past ten years in a way that provides a tangible benefit to the institution,” Bollheimer said.

In this role, Bollheimer said she will continue to do what she enjoys.
“I like helping people solve problems. In essence, this is what lawyers do — solve problems,” Bollheimer said.

Bollheimer hopes she will still be able to teach while fulfilling her role as General Counsel.

“I love teaching and hope to be able to find time in my schedule to still get into the classroom,” Bollheimer said.

Bollheimer said she thoroughly enjoys her time working at Mercyhurst, not only for the law opportunities.

“Mercyhurst is such a great place to work. So many wonderful people work here and our students are so talented and hard-working. It is a pleasure to come here every day, and I look forward to being able to serve the institution in this new role,” Bollheimer said.