Status updates for 2017 senior class gift

Melanie Todd, Staff writer

This year, the Class of 2017 will gift an after-hours coffee bar to the university, provideing much-needed pick-me-ups for late night studying and group projects after the bookstore coffee shop closes. The coffee bar will be in the 24/7 student lounge in the Hammermill Library. Students will be able to buy coffee, tea, pastries and other goodies.

“So far we’ve raised $6,000, not including anything from the spring bar crawl sign ups or the Students vs. Staff Basketball Game,” Cailey DeWaine, marketing co-chair of the Senior Class Gift Committee, said.

The overall goal is to raise $12,500 for the coffee bar and have at least 65 percent of the Class of 2017 contribute.

“The 65 percent participation rate can come from buying a bar crawl shirt, any contribution toward the date auction, making any dollar amount of a donation,” DeWaine said.

Having more participants not only helps raise more money for the gift but also helps individuals make a contribution to a lasting effect on the university.

“Seventy percent was the highest ever participation by the Class of 2014. Past years have had around 63 percent participation rate,” said DeWaine. “We aren’t sure of our participation rate yet because the bar crawl and basketball game hasn’t been totaled yet. However, we are right on track to meet our goal.”

Upcoming events include the spring senior bar crawl on May 6, among others. Members outside of the Mercyhurst Class of 2017 are also welcome to participate.

“We’re considering events such as a Frogurtz fundraiser, a cocktail and color event, and for $25 students can submit a photo of themselves or with friends to be under the glass of the coffee bar. We are open to all suggestions from students as well,” DeWaine said.

The committee has worked incredibly hard to not only raise money for the class gift but also put on events for the Class of 2017 to enjoy together. The fundraising events provide an opportunity for the class to come together before graduation. Many friends will be spread across the country and across the globe after Mercyhurst. The senior year events help provide opportunities and activities that will create lasting memories of their time at Mercyhurst.

“It’s been really rewarding and a lot of fun meeting more of the senior class,” said Alyssa Archer, chair of the Senior Class Gift Committee. “I have really enjoyed the committee and am excited to finish out strong.”