Mercyhurst students party at Metro for chance to appear in reality show

Many Mercyhurst College students as well as students from neighboring colleges went to Metropolitan Night Club Friday night for the chance to appear in the pilot of a reality TV show.

Stacy Skiavo photo: Piers 'Pshyn' Shaiyen performed at Metro Friday night. Students at the club may appear in the television pilot Stacy Skiavo photo: Piers ‘Pshyn’ Shaiyen performed at Metro Friday night. Students at the club may appear in the television pilot “Electric College”.

“Electric College” is a television pilot created by Moondog Entertainment, LLC. creator Brian Ferraro, Mercyhurst senior Justin Bukowski, Nick Meyer, Michael Masi and TJ Giles.

The pilot is intended to be presented to networks including MTV, E! and TruTV. The footage will be a product of Moondog Entertainment L.L.C.

Each student had to sign a release form as a formality in the event they are later featured on television. If the experience would debut on the air, it would focus on highlighting different colleges in the area.

Across from the bar, an interview section was set up for people to share whatever they liked with the camera and talk about how their night was going at the club.

“It was an interesting experience that showed the spirit of Mercyhurst,” sophomore Bryan Byrnes said.

The club was filled throughout the entire night, and the event featured DJ EP!C with TJ the DJ spinning an opening set. Several local artists were featured rapping on stage.

“I thought that the music could have been a little better,” sophomore Katie Cecchetti said. “I really couldn’t hear the live music, and what I did hear was not that great, although the DJ was good for the most part. I just would have liked to hear more songs that are currently popular.”

Many break and go-go dancers performed to keep the energy going throughout the club, and they provided some extra entertainment.

A masked green man in a green full body suit also joined the crowd to add to the excitement. This man resembled the one that could be found lurking around Warde Hall last year on various occasions.

“It was fun, not as crazy as I thought it would be, but I was able to hang out and dance with a lot of my friends and had an overall good time. Looking back, I’m still very happy that I went,” freshman Jon Stine said.

The event was originally going to be held in the Avalon Hotel’s ballroom. But the hotel was not able to serve alcohol at its venue and the location was changed.

“I had a really fun time at Metro,” Cecchetti said. “While I did think that there would be a lot more people there, my friends and I still had a good time.

The event was advertised as a Facebook event, spreading the word quickly across the college campuses in Erie.

Reviews from the Facebook page were all very positive and one of the creators, Ferraro, commented that great footage was captured and he was pleased with how the night turned out.