'Requiem' concert supports Japan, entertains donors

Tyler Stauffer photo: Eric Delagrange, Lynn Dula, Gabe Borrero and Andrea Baker, left  to right, sang “Recordare.”Tyler Stauffer photo: Eric Delagrange, Lynn Dula, Gabe Borrero and Andrea Baker, left to right, sang “Recordare.”The Mercyhurst College Concert Choir celebrated another performance this weekend with Mozart’s “Requiem.” The concert was on Sunday in the Performing Arts Center.

This concert was not only a celebration of the talent of the singers in the D’Angelo Department of Music, but also a reception for the school’s donors and scholarship recipients, as well as a fundraiser for Japanese relief.

Students folded paper cranes and gave them to those who made donations to the Red Cross.

“Requiem” was dedicated to those who were lost and those who are still struggling with the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

President Tom Gamble started the concert off with a few remarks, addressing the donors, thanking them for coming, as well as making them aware of the fundraiser for Japan.

There was a somber tone in the performance of the “Requiem.” The work itself is very dark.

Mozart was commissioned to write this piece in 1791 but died before it was completed.

The Concert Choir performed this classical work magnificently.
Senior Caitlin Ross especially appreciated the ability of the students involved.

“The show was really beautiful, and it highlighted some of the very talented musicians who study here,” she said.

For this concert, conductor Rebecca Ryan decided to invite the Chautauqua Chamber Singers to join the Concert Choir. They are a semi-professional adult choir based in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties.

Ryan conducts both choirs.

“The concert was wonderful,” junior Danielle Hanna said. “It was well sung and played by everyone involved.”

Many students had the opportunity to either sing a solo or perform in a quartet.

These sections provided the work with a bit of variety and showcased some outstanding individuals.

Junior Brianna Steves performed in a quartet in one of the movements titled “Domine Jesu.”

“It was such an honor to help support such a great cause such as Japanese relief,” Steves said.

Gamble was touched by the singers’ performance. “I was very moved by it and very proud of the performance by so many members of the Mercyhurst community.

“Rebecca Ryan did her usual marvelous job preparing our choral and orchestral performers. Our students demonstrated their talent and skill,” he said.

If you, too, would like to make a donation, visit The Red Cross