Clubs help students exercise civic duty


Erin Almeter, Staff writer

Midterm Election Day is rapidly approaching, and Mercyhurst University wants to help you vote!

On Nov. 6, Mercyhurst’s Public Health, Pre-Law, Mock Trial and Model U.N. clubs are holding a Walk the Vote event to help students get to the polls.

It is very important that students vote at the Mercyhurst polling location or by absentee ballot because this demographic has the power to greatly influence the current political climate.
These student-organized clubs are supporting all students who decide to vote in the Midterm Elections by holding a walk with them to polling stations.

Walk the Vote is in conjunction with the voter registration event that occurred earlier this semester on National Voter Registration Day. Registering to vote is just the first step.

The Mercyhurst polling location is at Trinity Methodist Church, which is behind Frogurtz, about a five-minute walk from Hirt. If the weather is not supportive of a walk, transportation will be provided.

This walk to vote is meant to empower students who may have not voted before. Voting is both exciting and crucial. All students, regardless of being involved in the clubs mentioned above, are welcome to participate.

It is important to be an informed voter. To do so, you can go to and click on the “What’s on your ballot?” link. This provides a list of candidates running for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Governor of Pennsylvania and Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, among others.

It is important to note that this resource can be used not just for those registered in Erie, but also other registered addresses.

Brett Conrad, junior Public Health Major, believes that Mercyhurst students should utilize this opportunity in order to fulfill their civic duty.

“Studies show that if you take a group to the polling place, more people are willing to vote. It enables people,” Conrad said.

Victoria Rickard, Ph.D., adviser for the Pre-Law Society and Mock Trial Club, said that going with a group creates a “strength in numbers or voting solidarity.”

From both Rickard and Lucy Thairu, Ph.D., Public Health Club adviser, the message is clear: Voting is an important civic duty and has direct implications in our lives. Even if you are nervous or its your first time voting, this group walk is meant to help.

Any questions, comments or concerns about the walk can be sent to Conrad.

The polling places are open until 8 p.m., so even though students are very busy, there is ample amounts of time to get to a polling place.

Join your fellow Mercyhurst voters, and Walk the Vote on Nov. 6!