Intel student receives USGIF scholarship

Intel student receives  USGIF scholarship

Kristian Biega, News Editor

Senior Intelligence Studies and Political Science double major Margaret Hackney recently received the coveted United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) Scholarship.

The scholarship is dedicated to assist promising students studying GEOINT, geospatial sciences, and related fields.

This year showed the highest amount of scholarship money distributed for the 28 nationwide scholarship winners with more than $126,000 from the USGIF. The USGIF has been providing scholarships in this field since 2004 and chooses their winners each year based on superior academic achievement.

“I was very excited and honored to receive this scholarship from USGIF,” Hackney said.

USGIF stated that the organization is “dedicated to assist promising students studying (Geospatial Intelligence), geospatial sciences, and related fields.” The foundation gives out scholarships each year at the high school, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. USGIF encourages students who are interested in “using capabilities of geospatial science, data and technologies to address human security challenges” to apply for these scholarships worth thousands of dollars.

As an Intelligence Studies and Political Science major with a minor in Religious Studies, Hackney’s wide variety of skills made her a good fit to apply to the scholarship.

“Intelligence and Political Science go hand in hand, as my Political Science classes help me understand global systems to advise my intelligence analysis,” Hackney said.

After graduation, Hackney will go on to work full time with the United States Department of Defense.

“I am very excited to join the federal government and help support our country’s national security mission,” Hackney said.