Raw Edges show was ‘en pointe’

Lauren Abbott, Editor in chief

Every year, the Dance department puts countless hours into preparing student-choreographed works to be showcased in a yearly performance called Raw Edges.
This year was the 21st season of Raw Edges, and I can truly say it was an absolutely amazing experience.
I was blown away by the depth of the performances and how each piece made you think about the theme, the atmosphere and the movement.
From the very first dance, the audience was captivated by the dancers.
I particularly enjoyed how every piece was unique and each one varied from the last.
It was refreshing to get to see a whole range of dance styles and emotions performed. From dramatic to upbeat to whimsical, the show had a little bit of everything.
Every year, I am in awe of how creative the students are when coming up with their pieces.
During the intermission of each show, a few of the choreographers came out on stage to tell the audience a little about their piece, their thought process and their overall experience while creating their performance.
It was really nice to get this extra little insight into a few of the pieces and was really interesting to see how many of the students had connected their pieces to other areas of study that they major or minor in.
While some pieces came with a short quote or explanation about the inspiration for the piece, the pieces were spectacular in that while you were given a theme they allowed the audience the space to think about that theme in whatever way the dance came across to them.
It was interesting to interpret the dances and their meanings based on the short information given.
Not only were the choreographers great with their creative ideas, the dancers also deserve a huge round of applause.
They put their very best into every piece and that was clear to the audience, which cannot be easy after being in multiple pieces.
The pieces were dynamic, thought provoking and engaging and kept the audience entertained and excited throughout the entire performance.