Bookstore launches new websites for book buying

The beginning of the fall term marks the start of two new websites that are intended to help students in the process of buying or renting books.

Students can go here and here to obtain the necessary materials needed for a specific class, with a few clicks of a mouse.

Dan Cullen, the general manager of the Mercyhurst Bookstore, offered some insight to the new websites and the purpose he hopes they come to serve. One of the main reasons the websites were so necessary for the system were because the bookstore wanted to be “more readily available and more user friendly” for the students, he said.

Accessible to students through WebAdvisor after registering for classes, the site offers students a safe, easy and reliable way to order or rent books.

Freshman Zainab Javed talked about how the easy maneuverability of the site was the most appealing feature.

“The best part was that you just had to find your section and class and everything was already there for you. You can select what you want (used or unused) and what you don’t want and then checkout,” she said.

Cullen said that the usage of these sites will make the purchasing of books easier for students. According to Cullen, the sites have had no major glitches so far.

Cullen stressed to students the importance of reading the fine print of all of Terms and Agreements of the sites.

There is a clause that students who have rented their books need to read. In the clause, it states that students need to return their books by a certain time or else they will be charged a late fee.

This is because students rent from the company Follett Higher Education Group, not Mercyhurst.

If students have questions about the websites, the sites contain a variety of different help pages that clearly answer frequently asked questions.

There is also the 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee that Follett promises, saying that if a customer is not fully satisfied with their product, the purchase can be returned for the full amount.

“If we put our name on something, we want the same attention that we would give to the students here, and these sites were implemented to give the students of Mercyhurst an easier time in obtaining the necessary materials for their classes,” Cullen said.