Dance Dept. ties up ‘Loose Ends’ in WRH

Jamylin Goggin, Contributing writer

Dance Department hosted a dance performance called “Loose Ends” on Oct. 26 at 7 p.m.

It took place in the Walker Recital Hall and was open to students and the public.

The entire show was choreographed by the seniors who were in the Choreography III class.

The performance consisted of contemporary, ballet and tap.

They also used different artistic forms to convey their messages, such as spoken word poetry, paintings and music.

Transitions between each piece were quick and efficient.

Watching the performance was powerful in that each piece conveyed a message that everyone can relate to in their life.

My favorite piece was called “Weird, But in a Hot Way!”

It was choreographed by Emily Black.

It brought awareness to verbal abuse in modern day relationships.

The piece featured Alex Welz stating all the things he loved about his love interest, and the dancers were close to him and listened to what he was saying.

Later in the piece he started to criticize all of her faults.

You then could see a slow transition of the dancers moving away from Welz, which indicated that something was wrong in the relationship.

The piece told a story that was moving, and by the end of the performance, the dancers, who represented his love interest, confronted him which made him leave the stage.

The dancers continued to dance, and by the end, it was clear that they had learned to be powerful without him.

My next favorite piece was “Disturbed,” which was choreographed by Alexis Snedeker.

This piece brought shivers down my spine, and fit perfectly in the theme of Halloween.

The dancers started making their way onto the stage from the stairs.

From there, they performed zombie-like movements that looked like they were being possessed by an evil demonic spirit.

The dance piece ended with dancers looking at a painting by junior Qadry Ismail and screaming.

The performance was both chilling and exciting, and it definitely kept you on your toes.

Lastly, I thought the “Restless Creature” performance choreographed by Kristen Faraclas was moving in conveying its message to the audience.

It had a video with cities in the background, and groups of dancers did their own thing in front of it.

This represented individuals in cities who live their own lives day-by-day.

It then focused on one dancer who had sudden, quick movement in her hand.

This dancer moved past the other dancers, who performed as members of the crowded cities and ignored her hand-shaking problem.

The overall meaning of this performance was that each individual was too focused on themselves and their own daily problems to see the other person’s struggle.

Overall, I felt the entire show was amazing to watch.

The choreography was well-crafted and carefully planned.

Each dance piece brought meaning to the audience.

The dancers were highly talented and the precision in their movements was astonishing.

It was worth seeing on a Saturday night.