Cash was great

Carlena Bressanelli, Staff writer

On Nov. 14, Rosanne Cash, daughter of famous singer-songwriter Johnny Cash, came to the Performing Arts Center.

Cash is a singer- songwriter like her father, and has also written four books.

She has also received several awards for her music.

For the performance, she was backed by a five piece band.

One player was her husband, John Leventhal.

Cash graced the Performing Arts Center with her voice, singing songs that she wrote herself and with Leventhal.

She and her band also sang a few covers.

Even though she is considered a country artist, her music drew on many genres, including folk, pop, rock, blues and, most notably, Americana.

Cash played some favorites and a song that she wrote for her husband.

She gave a performance that moved her across the stage.

Sitting or standing, she shared stories from her life in between songs.

She talked about moments with her father, her children and her husband.

Some of her songs were slower while others had the audience moving along with the beat.

Cash additionally sang songs from her most recent album, which is called “She Remembers Everything,” a reference to her father’s famous cover of the Nine Inch Nails song, “Hurt.”

One of these was “Crossing to Jerusalem” from the new album.

If you were not at the concert, then you missed a good show.