The good, the bad and the Grammys: Maria spills all

Maria Williams, Features Editor

Awards Season has just begun in the pop culture world.

The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards were on Jan. 26 and they were very interesting to say the least.

Grammys are the biggest award you can win for music.

If you are in the music industry, you want to be known as a Grammy winner.

It is kind of a big deal.

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved watching the Grammys.

I would be glued to my television for the three hours the show was on in hopes that my favorite musician would win an award.

This has not changed at all, even in my older age.

This year, Alicia Keys was the host.

That was disappointing.

I am just not the biggest fan of Keys, but I tried to keep an open mind.

She did do a tribute to the late, great Kobe Bryant.

The host is never really the part of the show I care about.

I am watching for the performances and awards.

Billie Eilish is an acquired taste, but I love her.

She was hands down my favorite performer of the night.

She and her brother, Finneas, sang “When the Party’s Over,” which pleasantly surprised me.

I thought for sure that she was going to sing “Bad Guy” because that was the song she was most nominated for.

It was a different performance for her.

She did not include any stage antics or weird dancing.

It was just her and Finneas singing.

It was beautiful and she did not miss a note.

She set the bar, and no one was able to top that for the night.

She won the biggest awards of the night, “Best New Artist,” “Best Song,” “Best Record” and “Best Album.”

I think she deserved all of them.

She is extremely talented for an 18-year-old, and like I said before, I just adore her as an artist.

There were many good performances throughout the night.

Lizzo, Camila Cabello and Ben Platt did amazing (even though Platt only sang part of a song).

No complaints here about them.

However, with award shows, there are always some bad performances in addition to the good ones.

I have to say there was one that just struck me as weird.

Tyler the Creator rapped his song “Earfquake” and it was very strange.

The whole time I thought I was going nuts.

I really cannot explain what I saw.

Another performance that was just awful was Aerosmith and Run DMC.

It was a hot mess.

The mixture of Rap with Rock was not a good combination here.

Steven Tyler, the front man of Aerosmith, was stumbling all over the stage and it just was not his best.

It was by far the worst performance of the night.

Even with some weird performances and an annoying host, I thought the Grammy Awards were good.

They definitely were not the best.

It was nice because it was all about the music.

No one tried to give a political statement during their acceptance speech.

They kept it about the art of what they do.

I really enjoyed the Grammys this year.