Support the Mike Folga Scholarship at the 2020 Senior Date Auction

Alex Trabold, Staff writer

On Wednesday Jan. 29, the Senior Class Gift Date Auction will take place in Walker Recital Hall at 7 p.m. This is an annual event run by the Senior Class Gift Committee, this year to benefit the Mike Folga Legacy Scholarship.

All students are welcome to attend and bid on items that have been gathered over the fall semester. A senior “date” represents the item as they walk out with the music they select.

“This event is a great way to highlight the senior class in a fun, energetic environment,” Senior Class Gift Committee Organizer, Mitchell Marsh said.

This is one of Mercyhurst’s more unique traditions that has become an anticipated staple of the Senior Class Gift experience.

“It feels like such an Americana experience to be a part of,” senior date Maryanne Cantwell said. “I have been looking forward to being a date in the auction because it is a perfect addition to my Mercyhurst bucket list.”

There are a variety of items that students can bid on through-out the evening. There will be gift cards from local establishments such as The Cornerstone, Plymouth Tavern, Tap House and Calamari’s.

“I am excited to participate in the Senior Date Auction because I love getting involved on cam-pus and giving back to a good cause like the Mike Folga Legacy Scholarship,” senior date Kody Miles said. “It’s a great way to continue to be as active as I can with the senior class before graduation.”

More creative prizes specific to Mercyhurst will also be available such as lunch with President Victor, Rhonda and Jenell Patton, signs from past Hurst Days and Mercyhurst apparel and merchandise. More experiential items to be auctioned include a package for a one night stay at Peek’n Peak Resort and a complimentary s’mores kit, reserved seats for gradation and three graduation photo shoots.

Senior Veronica Sacco will be participating in two fashions at the Senior Date Auction: as a date and a prize.

“I will be offering first dibs on my photography schedule for 2020 graduation photo sessions plus a one hour session. The more money you raise for the Senior Class Gift, the more people you can bring to the session as well,” Sacco said. “I am excited to raise money for a good cause by contributing something I am passionate about. It makes the whole experience more meaningful for me.”

Marsh sees a lot of promise in this year’s auction, based on the successes of previous years.

“We are hoping to raise a considerable amount of funds from this event as it is often a big fundraiser for us as all donations benefit the Mike Folga Legacy Scholarship,” Marsh said. “It is important that students attend this event because it is really fun, a Mercyhurst tradition and very beneficial to our goal.”

Senior Class Gift Committee Organizer Patricia Shullick states that there really is something for everyone at the auction. She is hopeful for the turnout of the event in combination with the crowdfunding efforts happening this week.

“We are in the middle of a crowdfunding week, with a goal of $5,000 for the whole week,” Shullick said. “As for the event, we haven’t set an actual goal, I think if we could get over $1,000, that’d be awesome.”

For Shullick, the most challenging part has been getting all of the prizes and dates organized for the event. She now shows excitement with all of the logistics in order.

“It is important for students to attend this event because we are raising money in honor of Mike Folga, someone who had a great impact on the Mercyhurst community. In addition to the great prizes, it’s really going to be a great time,” Shullick said.

Judging by the enthusiasm shown by the organizers, the auction is sure to be a success for the Senior Class Gift Committee.

This year there will be a bake sale before the event, two emcees and close to 40 senior dates. The organizers also seem very intent on making sure that the students have a good time overall.

Even if students don’t plan on bidding, they are encouraged to join in the fun and support a good cause this Wednesday!