Dancer Sones enjoys 'Hurst, ready for future

Senior Trevor Sones is one of just two male seniors in the dance department.

He is spunky, friendly, and knows how to own just about any style of dance.

He was recently involved in the local production of “Chicago” as a featured dancer, as well as being in the ensemble.

Sones especially enjoys the dance genres of hip-hop and jazz, and if you watch him in class, you will see how naturally it comes to him.

His plans for senior year and beyond include auditioning for UPTA Universal Professional Theatre in Tennessee.

This is an open call audition for regional theatres and 95 different performing companies.

Sones hopes to snag a spot in one of the companies.

With his talent and energy, he seems to be ahead of the game.

When asked what he likes about Mercyhurst College Sones said, “It is nice to have a small campus. I love the landscape and small-town feel.”

Sone’s favorite part about the dance department is that everyone is so closely knit and there is always someone to talk to or look for advice. “It’s like a family here. We are each other’s support system.”

Some of the faculty in the dance department who have particularly influenced Sones are Tauna Hunter, department chair, and Michael Gleason, dance department professor.

“Hunter is so positive and encouraging. She gives you so much energy in a class that there is no way you can’t work your hardest. She always has the best advice,” Sones said.

When Sones first came to Mercyhurst, he had only been dancing for three years, and Gleason was the first professor he had.

“It was very beneficial to have a male teacher because he understands how a male’s body works. He knew how to break everything down for me,” Sones said.

The only advice Sones has to offer is, “Take advantage of all of the offerings on campus. Never limit yourself and always try to figure out your own style.”