MIAC plans for Fall 2020 events

Elphena Elsar, Contributing writer

As the Fall 2020 semester begins, art lovers are curious as to if and how the Mercyhurst Institute for Arts & Culture (MIAC) will operate. Many have wondered, will there be a way to virtually enjoy the arts? If so, which arts specifically?

MIAC Artistic Director, Brett Johnson, Ph.D., talks about the suspension of in-person events as he emphasizes that “[MIAC and its staff] look forward to the day when audiences can safely return to performance venues,” but “until then, [MIAC] is excited to offer these opportunities for patrons and the community to experience the uplifting spirit of the performing arts through these exceptionally produced virtual events.”

One may wonder what the events are, how can they be accessed, and on which platform will they be available to watch.

There are five performances planned for the Fall 2020 season which are all free and available via Zoom.

These performances can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s own home. Although they are both free and convenient, they are also limited in availability.

Attendance is limited to 500 viewers and most importantly, registration is required.

Johnson said, “the performers lined up are truly original artists, each widely sought after for the power and beauty of their shows.”

Johnson then went on to assure that they have an expectation that the performances will translate well to the virtual stage while  providing much-needed entertainment for both individuals and families alike.

Incredible and varied artists such as vocalist Aoife O’Donovan, songwriter Angélique Kidjo, a Grammy Award winning singer and even a tango ensemble – among many others – will be gracing the Zoom stage.

While many recognize that the classical arts are best viewed in person, there is a unique element to having world-renowned artists live, in real-time, in one’s own living room.

While the world readily awaits the day that people can physically return to the theaters, the MIAC live-streamed shows over Zoom will help fill the void.

To claim one of the limited spots, make sure to register for the event. Registration can be found online on the MIAC website.

Whether an artist, arts enthusiast, or just looking for something new to pass the time, the MIAC performances will not disappoint.