Stacey Gaudette promoted to associate athletic director and senior woman administrator

Elphena Elsar, Contributing Writer

Stacey Gaudette, formerly Assistant Athletic Director, has been promoted to the positions of both Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator within the Mercyhurst Athletics Department.

Gaudette was previously the Mercyhurst Field Hockey head coach prior to deciding to step down for the upcoming 2020- 2021 season.

Gaudette brought home a total of 123 wins within her eighteen seasons with the team.

Among those wins included three over Indiana University of Pennsylvania, including the historical 2-1 victory by shootout on Sept. 25, 2019.

Gaudette has shown dedication and love for the game but most importantly, she values the academic achievements of her players.

She is known for pushing her student athletes to go just as hard academically as they do on the field. As much as she and her players enjoy the game, studying and academics are one of her top priorities.

As triumphant as her role as Field Hockey head coach has been, all good things must come to an end. For Gaudette, stepping down from her position as head coach opened a new door as the associate athletic director and senior woman administrator.

Gaudette is excited for her new position and her co-workers have shared in her great excitement.

“There’s no one more deserving of the position than [Gaudette],” said Andy Simon-Wambach, assistant athletic director of Athletic Training Services and Finance.

Gaudette stated that the new roles allow her to continue to provide the Laker student athletes with an outstanding experience during their time at Mercyhurst.

“The administrative staff works in concert to provide a multitude of services for the student athletes, from keeping them eligible, to keeping them healthy and ready to represent Mercyhurst,” said Gaudette.

Mercyhurst athletic director, Brad Davis, has provided a clear vision for the success for Gaudette’s department and they are all working to reach these goals.

With Gaudette’s promotion comes the possibility for less interactions with her student athletes. She spoke to her ability to be present for them regardless of this change.

Gaudette said, “Although I will have less daily interaction with them I will be here to support them in this transition.”

Despite stepping down from her more actively involved role with her players, she is still very excited to watch them in action once the Pennsylvania State Atheltic Conference games resume again.

“I am very excited for the field hockey program and the direction that they are going and [I am looking] forward to watching them in action in the spring,” said Gaudette.

Of course there is some sadness with stepping away from the position that has brought so much joy and excitement to her life.

“I am excited for my new role here at Mercyhurst and will be excited for the next chapter of Mercyhurst Field Hockey! The new coach will be a part of a great legacy of field hockey here at Mercyhurst – the original sport on this campus and I anticipate that they will find great success, both in the classroom and on the field,” said Gaudette.

Gaudette leaves her student-athletes with words of encouragement:

“Stay true to yourselves and your vision and calm through the chaos of COVID-19. Remember to take some time each day for YOU!”

Advice worth considering for everyone including non-athletes, faculty and staff members alike.