Campus ministry hosts socially distanced fall get together

Elphena Elsar, Contributing Writer

On Sept. 4, Mercyhurst Campus Ministry held a fall get together event for students. The atmosphere was warm and inviting with individuals like Father Jim Piszker and Sister Natalie in attendance.

“[It was] designed to get people to be able to meet those involved in campus ministry, as well as those who are interested in getting involved or are curious about campus ministry,” said Campus Minister, Michelle Scully.

The event was held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the outdoor Grotto area by the Sister Carolyn Herrmann Student Union.

It was a great opportunity to meet new students and interact with familiar faces through games and small group conversations.

The event was free, with no pressure of committing to further events or groups from Campus Ministry.

Students who attended took part in a scavenger hunt to create poetry from words around campus.

After the scavenger hunt, students were given a chance to introduce themselves through different icebreaker questions.

Deeper conversations were then constructed from those simple questions.

Senior forensic science major Anna Foley was one of many attendees who signed up for the fall get together event. Foley has been involved with Campus Ministry since her junior year, but wishes she had joined sooner.

“[Campus ministry is] a safe place where you feel like you belong,” Foley said.

“Everyone involved has such a kind heart and the faculty go above and beyond to help you flourish. You don’t have to be a religious person to enjoy what campus ministry has to offer, but I personally have found it to be a great place for my faith to grow.”

Sophomore hospitality major Laura Kunz also attended the event as a member of Campus Ministry.

“One of the nicest parts of being involved in Campus Ministry is that it is a time to be vulnerable and honest,” Kunz said.

“This helps build a stronger and deeper connection with others and it feels amazing.”

For some who may be needing more reasons to join Campus Ministry, Foley has some advice. “If you are new to the Mercyhurst community and are looking to find a way to get involved or are looking to strengthen your faith – check out Campus Ministry,” Foley said. “You will always be welcomed and encouraged to return. I know the first step is scary, but you won’t regret it!”

There are a variety of organizations under the umbrella of Campus Ministry, including both weekly meetings and onetime events.

Clubs that meet weekly include Tuesday Night Catholic Devotions, Wednesday Night Fellowship, and Thursday Night Bible Study.

All events are open to new members, including people of different faith backgrounds.

For more information on how to get involved, check out the Campus Ministry page on the Hub. Here you can find more information on each of these groups, as well as helpful resources such as the 2021 Church Guide, COVID-19 specific prayers, and more.

You can also contact Michelle Scully by emailing mscully@ “We strive to be a place on campus that is able to be a peaceful and welcoming haven for everyone, regardless of beliefs,” said Scully.

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