The Merciad seeks new editors to continue campus traditions


Victoria McGinty, Features editor

One of the many unique things about Mercyhurst are its revered traditions. From celebrating Hurst Day to the many ghost stories, Mercyhurst is a university unlike any other.

One Mercyhurst tradition that deserves just as much reverence is the student-run newspaper “The Merciad,” one of the oldest organizations on campus.

Created in 1929, “The Merciad” initially acted as much as a gossip column as a newspaper in its early years, but has evolved into the informative and fun newspaper we have come to know and love. One of the numerous great things about “The Merciad” is its excellent editing staff.

The team works diligently every week to edit and create each issue. Sadly, many of the editors on the staff are graduating this semester.

The crew is searching for fresh, aspiring students to take on their roles. For the 2021-2022 academic year, “The Merciad” is looking to fill various rolls including editors for the news, arts and entertainment and sports sections.

First, the news section serves as a collection of events on campus that are exciting, tragic or anywhere in between. This section is positioned within the first pages of the paper and contains many compelling stories, such as upcoming events, shows on campus, student news and the Mercyhurst crime log.

An arts and entertainment editor is also needed. This person outlines news happening in fine arts and pop culture. The section covers campus arts events as well as those happening beyond the gates.

Another large role the staff is looking to fill in the sports editor position. This portion of the paper focuses on our campus sports teams at both the club, Division II and Division I levels.

While “The Merciad” is looking to fill its section editor positions, the staff is also looking for a copy editor, managing editor and ad manager.

The task of copy editing is crucial because it tackles the responsibility of making sure the articles are as close as possible to perfection in grammar and content. Most importantly, this editor must have the right eye for finding mistakes in writing and have a strong knowledge of AP style formatting.

Another position available is that of the ad manager. This role helps the staff secure paid advertisements for each issue and acts as a point of contact for any outside vendors looking to print an ad.

Lastly, the staff is in search of a new managing editor. This role is pivotal. They put the finishing touches together for the issue and act as one of the last eyes to overlook everything before the printing process.

While taking on the role of an editor sounds challenging, it is, in fact, one of the most rewarding roles one could take on.

“Being an editor is one of the best ways to learn more about campus, including different majors, clubs and events,” said news editor Rebecca Dunphy. “Not only have I met tons of new people through “The Merciad,” but I also came to appreciate our campus more and all it has to offer.”

While being an editor comes with significant responsibilities, it also comes with many advantages. First, becoming an editor provides a substantial opportunity for scholarship.

Many know that paying for college can be tricky and stepping into such a leadership role is graciously recognized by the university.

Second, this role acts as an excellent tool for building a resume. It demonstrates that one contains qualities of responsibility, diligence and the ability to work as part of a team. It is also concrete proof of your written communication skills.

Finally, taking on a position as an editor grants one the opportunity to stand beside over ninety-two years of other “Merciad” editors in preserving the enriching history and traditions of Mercyhurst.

Anyone who may be interested is strongly encouraged to apply. Like any group on campus, “The Merciad” is welcoming to all majors, class years and interests.

“Being an editor for “The Merciad” is an incredibly rewarding experience. You have the opportunity to work with great people, gain experience within the world of communication and be involved at every step of the process, from generating article ideas to formatting pages and then seeing your work in print,” copy editor, Sarah Klein, said.

For anyone interested in applying for an editor position, applications open on Feb. 16 and are available through mid-March. Any questions about positions or the selection process can be directed to the current editor-in-chief Marina Boyle or advisor Steph Przepiora