Mercyhurst releases updated spring fan attendance policy

Michael Boylan, Sports editor

Mercyhurst has released information regarding the approval of a limited amount of spectators to be present for both indoor and outdoor events for the remainder of the spring semester.
The spectator policy has been developed in compliance with current state, national, NCAA, PSAC and Mercyhurst University guidelines.
The new policy comes with various rules that must be followed by fans in attendance to allow for safe spectatorship.
Firstly, tailgating is prohibited and there is no mingling with student-athletes or team personnel either before or after the games. Gates will open thirty minutes before the listed start time and fans must leave the facility after the completion of the game.
Prior to any fan’s arrival to a Mercyhurst event, they must complete the screening process found at
Upon arriving, guests will show their completion of the screening process with a mobile device at their specific check in table.
Proper social distancing is required to take place and spectators must sit in designated areas that have been marked. Families are required to stay in their pods away from other groups.
No concessions will be available during the events. Families sitting in personal chairs are allowed as long as they remain within their families and social distancing is followed.
Additional measures will be taken to ensure safety, including the posting of signage to encourage social distancing, the placement of hand sanitizing stations, the cleansing of high touch areas, as well as campus staff presence to ensure safety measures are followed.
Ticket allotment will be distributed for home games to families based on the athletic team and field of play.
Four tickets will be distributed to athletes on the following teams: Lacrosse, Softball, Soccer (Saxon Stadium), Field Hockey, Volleyball and Rowing.
Football will receive three tickets per athlete. Baseball and Soccer at MU Soccer Field will receive two tickets per athlete.
For more information regarding the rules and regulations, the entire list is available at