Major Fair proves to be successful

All of the majors and minors that Mercyhurst College offers were ion hand at this year’s Majors and Minors Fair.

On Wednesday, Oct. 19, students had the opportunity to speak to faculty members and students associated with each major.

The fair was open to all students, particularly those who are contemplating switching majors or adding a minor, and was primarily geared toward undeclared students.

Sarah Hlusko photo: Professor of Public Health David Dausey, Ph.D., at the Major and Minors Fair on Wednesday, Oct. 19.Sarah Hlusko photo: Professor of Public Health David Dausey, Ph.D., at the Major and Minors Fair on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

Academic Counselor Erica Zimmerman, the coordinator of the fair, had hoped to double the participation from last year’s 60 attendees. She said that students came to the event because it gave them a feel for where they want to head in life.

She said that 100 students signed up in advance at the event, but not everyone signed in at the event. More than 30 academic departments were present, with more than 50 faculty members representing them.

Students from all class standings participated, although most were freshmen. There the students were able to get information about the different majors and minors the college offers.

Freshman Sarah Jansen was there to help expand her horizons in the business field, and that is exactly what the fair helped her to do.

“I’m a business major, and I wanted to see what I could add for a minor to help expand my major. I ultimately decided that picking up an accounting minor would be the best decision for me,” she said.

Freshman Marlee Pyzewski was at the fair because she wanted to get more involved with law. After talking to the professors at the political science table, she realized that switching to political science would be a good choice for her.

“You get more from the political science major by adding the pre-law concentration then you do with an actual pre-law major,” she said.

While many freshmen were at the event, some sophomores were there, too.

Sophomore Joe Defeo attended because he was considering a new major.

“I was originally a forensic science major and then switched to hospitality management because the chemistry was really killing me. I now know what classes I need to take because of the Major Fair,” he said.

The Majors and Minors Fair takes place every year in order to help students decide what paths they want to take while at Mercyhurst.