MU Recreation Center revamped


Elphena Elsar, Staff writer

Out with the old, in with the new. This Fall semester 2021, the Mercyhurst Recreation Center (Rec Center) welcomed students to a new and improved workout space.

The revamping of the Rec Center has met some, if not all of the expectations of patrons.

The atmosphere and appearance of the Rec Center has greatly improved since last school year.

Before the renovations, the Rec Center was equipped with a few weights, and some workable, out- of-date machines such as the treadmills and the ellipticals.

It was evident that the Rec Center was not well-maintained along with the lack of adequate space.

Unfortunately, it was one of the facilities on campus that Mercyhurst administration neglected over the years.

To recall, the last renovation of the Rec Center was completed sometime in the 2000s.

Now students can benefit from multiple new services as a result of the 2021 renovation.

The Rec Center is cleaner, fresher and better organized. The lighting has also improved along with some new equipment such as the ski ergs.

There are some amazing changes to the Rec Center, first and foremost, is the Vagaro app.

Unlike last semester, the Vagaro app is not required to make appointments to use the equipment at the center; one can walk in anytime within the hours of operation with no time restrictions.

The app is, however, needed for fitness classes like spin classes. That being said, masks are still required in the facility to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As redundant as it sounds, masks are worn over the nose and mouth at all times in the gym, not on the bottom of your chin or in your pockets.

It is understandable that when exercising it becomes harder to breathe with the mask on. However, we must do what is best to put a stop on the spread of the virus.

Consider wearing cloth masks made of polyester with two layers, and maybe keeping a spare mask to replace in case your mask becomes damp while exercising.

Finally, take lots of water breaks or breaks in general, especially if you start to feel significant shortness of breath or dizziness.

In addition to the Vagaro app change, there has been a new set of weights and other equipment introduced into the Rec Center.

As an accessory to the new weights and equipment, a new organization system has been put in place.

For instance, the weight racks have all been labeled with different sizes of weights. This makes it easy for users to know where each weight is and to guide users as to where the weights go when putting them back.

Aside from the new weights organization system, students can borrow some behind-the-desk equipment, like basketballs and mats. However, a student ID is required to borrow an item, and the ID will be kept until the borrowed item is returned.

As you indulge in the newly enhanced atmosphere of the Rec Center, here is a friendly reminder to work smart and stay safe while respecting the policies of the space.