Become a published author: Lumen is now accepting creative submissions

Sarah Beck, Staff writer

Attention all creative individuals, submissions to the Lumen are officially open!

Mercyhurst is a campus that is not only enriched in the arts, but is also focused on the creative perspective that students exhibit.

Lumen is a completely student-run arts magazine that showcases student talent through a physical and digital magazine for all to see and share.

Originally, Lumen began in 1995 as a journal for creative writing pieces only, but it has since expanded to feature all of the talents that the student body has to offer. This is done by showcasing multimedia such as photography, dance and music in addition to creative writing pieces.

If you are interested in submitting an original piece of work to be considered for Lumen, literary submissions can be placed on the Mercyhurst HUB page where you can search “Lumen Submission Manager.”

Each individual is allowed to submit up to three poems and two short stories starting now until the deadline of Nov. 30.

Ashley Carr, a junior double major in English and Religious Studies, is co-editor-in-chief for Lumen this year.

“Anyone wanting to submit pieces might consider letting trusted friends read over their work before submitting,” Carr said. “It’s really difficult to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, so starting with people you are close to is a great way to learn how to accept compassionate commentary on your work and gain confidence.”

Every year there is a grand revealing of Lumen in the final event at the Literary Festival. Oftentimes, the featured artists read their accepted submissions at an open mic night. It is truly a celebration of individuality, creativity and art.

“My favorite part of Lumen is the unveiling at the very end. It’s so exciting to have everyone marvel at the design and content. The English faculty also announces awards for creative writing and literary criticism,” Carr said.

Lumen offers a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in writing, photography, music or dance to have the chance to be published in a magazine.

One of the amazing parts about writing and creating art in general is that it is subjective. Each creation may mean something different to each and every person who witnesses the original piece.

This is one of many reasons why Lumen is an great way to cultivate and appreciate the arts as well as the originality of students on this Mercyhurst campus.

Any questions regarding Lumen can be emailed to Dr. Gregory Brown, Ashley Carr, or Emma Coppolo.

Don’t hesitate to submit to the Lumen Submission Manager on the HUB if you are at all interested in being part of the literary journal. Be sure to keep your eye out for the Lumen when it is published this coming spring!