Green at the Hurst


Ashley Barletta, News editor

Mercyhurst’s Sustainability Club hosted a tiny forest planting on Nov. 13. The planting lasted from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. There
were a slew of trees that needed planting in a small amount of space, hence the name “tiny forest.” Gloves, tools, snacks, and

service hours were provided to those who took part in the tree planting. Not only was it helpful to students, but it was helpful to

the earth as well. The event took place on a cold Saturday morning, with snow in the last hour, but those who participated got

the job done well. Although it does not look much like a forest yet, it is something that future Mercyhurst students have to look

forward to. The tiny forest is an example of Mercyhurst’s mission to be “globally responsible.” The Sisters of Mercy taught us that

we should care about the environment, and this was a great way of showing it. Be sure to check out the tiny forest, located in the

yard behind the Center for Academic Engagement at any time.