Rabbits read the Merciad

Hannah Brooks, Features editor

The fall semester is officially coming to a close. Courses are wrapping up, finals week looms overhead and clubs are preparing for a break between semesters.

Not excluded from the end-of-semester wrapup festivities, the Merciad is preparing for the end of the semester as well.

An accumulation of newspapers leftover from the semester has collected in the studio, and it is time for them to either be donated or picked up. The newspapers are available to any interested student, and they can be picked up at the Merciad studio in Hirt L10. Any additional newspapers will likely be donated to the Erie Rabbit Society.

Mercyhurst students will have the first pick of the newspapers. Old newspapers can be used for a variety of things, such as to line animal cages, wrap Christmas ornaments once the time comes to take down the tree and can also be used for a plethora of crafts and other do-it-yourself activities.

Additionally, the newspapers will make great reading material, highlighting the hard work of Merciad writers and editors over the past semester.

Any newspapers that are not picked up by students after the semester ends will be donated to the Erie Rabbit Society. The newspapers will be used there to line the bottom of the rabbits’ cages as they await adoption.

The shelter, also known as “the bunny bungalow,” is located at 2316 W. 38 St in Millcreek Township. Per the Erie Area Rabbit Society (EARS) website, the shelter currently has over eighty rabbits awaiting adoption. The Merciad chooses to donate unused newspapers in order to support the Erie Rabbit Society, but there are also many other ways that the shelter can be supported.

Students can volunteer to help at the shelter, apply to be a foster or donate to the shelter with either a cash donation or by purchasing items on the shelter’s Amazon Wish List which can be found on their website.

Additionally, you can sponsor a rabbit for as low as $45 for 3 months and $180 per year. The shelter also offers many exciting events throughout the year, including Bunny Palooza, Erie Gives Day and many more.

For any student who has a pet rabbit, you can also go to the shelter to receive services such as a “bunny spa day” to get your rabbit’s hair brushed and nails trimmed for a small donation fee.

The shelter can also refer rabbit owners to veterinary care, whether it be a local vet or twenty-four hour emergency veterinarian. For more information, you can visit the EARS website at www.eriearearabbitsociety.org.

Though there are many newspapers left over, rest assured that they will be going to a good cause one way or another. Whether you choose to pick them up for personal use or they go to a shelter, the overwhelming stacks will certainly fall into good hands.

Feel free to pick up a stack or two, as the Merciad staff would love for you to check out some of our works that have been put together throughout the fall semester!