Lakers' women's hockey jerseys desecrated

When does a team sell out? The Mercyhurst Lakers women’s hockey team has sold their soul. I don’t mean this as an affront to the players on that team, for this is by no means your fault. I do not aim this anywhere toward you. I look to those higher up on the decision-making food chain, those in charge of the latest changes to the team.

On their uniforms, a corporation has preempted our beloved logo. Above the wordmark that displays our beloved Mercyhurst is stitched the logo of Bauer, a heartless corporation left from the split of Nike-Bauer hockey.

Last season, the logo of Nike-Bauer, the swoosh next to the word Bauer, was situated on the backs of the necks of our beloved Lakers. It wasn’t perfect, and the manufacturer really has nothing to do with the jersey. It was designed by someone outside that company and worn by people outside that company. The jersey design is actually older than the company Nike-Bauer, so they decided to attach that logo to something that was around before themselves!

Since then, the logo has moved from the back, where it was barely acceptable, to the front of the sweater.

Not only is it on the front of the sweater, but it sits above the Mercyhurst logo, in a position to show dominance over what we hold near and dear.

Beyond that, the socks of our women’s team are advertising the newest feature of Bauer, the ventilated backs of the socks that cover the calves of our players. That doesn’t sound bad, and innovations in fabrics are most definitely good things, but the execution for our team is despicable.

The new, ventilated fabric is a solid white, interrupting the striping pattern that the Lakers have worn for so long.
This does nothing but advertise the new features of Bauer, combining with the sweater logo to make us one giant ad for this heartless corporation. Based on the similar Reebok design implemented in the NHL a few seasons ago, we know that the stripes can cover different fabrics. Bauer chose not to, probably for their own advertising gain.

Some things are meant to be sacred. In sports, the uniform displays a brand far beyond the work of any manufacturer. The uniform represents our team and our college. It is a collegiate symbol like any other. The uniform should never be soiled with corporate advertising.