Service Honor Society accepting nominations

Ashley Barletta, News editor

It’s that time of year again; the time of year when seniors are preparing to graduate. However, some seniors will be inducted into the Service Honor Society. 

The Service Honor Society at Mercyhurst was established in 2006 in order to honor graduating seniors who “exemplify our Mission-centered commitment to be ‘Ambassadors of Service,” according to the Community Engagement Hub page.  

Students who are ultimately inducted into the Service Honor Society must demonstrate the following: “significant and sustained service to the campus community and/or larger world, marked achievement in leadership, meritorious academic achievement, and recognized integrity and commitment to excellence,” as stated on the Community Engagement Hub page.  

Right now, seniors who will be graduating in Spring 2022 are being nominated. Friends, faculty, staff, club advisors, coaches, or other members of the MU community can nominate the student of their choosing. 

Students also have the option to, and are even encouraged to nominate themselves. 

To nominate a graduating senior, go to  

  Once the students are nominated, there are a few steps to actually being inducted that they must complete. 

“I email them as the Chair of the Service Honor Society Induction Committee and invite them to complete a ‘service profile,’ or basically a resume of all of their service and co-curricular involvement over their years here at MU,” said Bethany Woods, Associate Director of Community Engagement. 

“It’s their chance to sell themselves and highlight all that they’ve done while a student here.” 

After all of the applications have been submitted to the Induction Committee, they will review the applications and decide who will be inducted.  

“The SHS Induction Committee (made up of MU staff and faculty across the university) meets around Easter after reviewing the compiled profiles and determines who meets or exceeds the SHS descriptors and deserves to be inducted,” Woods said. 

“If a student meets all the criteria, they are notified a few days later that they are invited to the induction ceremony and dinner. At that ceremony, a student will receive cords and be celebrated for their service to the Mercyhurst and surrounding communities.” 

According to the Community Engagement Hub page, students must “be a full-time undergraduate student, be a senior who has been certified to graduate in the current calendar year, have a GPA of 2.75 or higher by the beginning of the spring semester of the induction year, be recommended for induction through the completion of an official nomination form, and complete and return by the designated deadline all materials requested by the Service Honor Society Selection Committee.” 

The Committee Chair will approve the final induction list, and then the induction process can begin. 

According to the Community Engagement Hub page, inductees will wear the green and white Service Honor Cord at their graduation, which recognizes their “remarkable commitment to living Mercyhurst’s Mission through significant service both on campus and ‘beyond the gates.’” 

If you or someone you know fulfills the requirements to be inducted into the Service Honor Society, consider going on the Community Engagement Hub page and filling out a nomination form.