The 814: PopLuck Gourmet Popcorn pops up in Erie


Hannah Brooks, Features editor

When you think of popcorn, where does your mind go? Perhaps you imagine the overpriced but delicious kind you get at a movie theater. Your mind might go to good old Orville Redenbacher’s or the poppable bags you purchase in movie theaters. But, did you ever stop to think about candy-coated, sweet-infused, seasoned assortments of popcorn? How about the kind made right here in Erie? Well, now you have, and you have no choice but to read on and learn more.

PopLuck Gourmet Popcorn is located at 1535 West 8th Street in the Greengarden Plaza. They have been serving up their sweet, salty and seasoned corn for five years now. Yet, they have undoubtedly become a staple in the Erie community and a food establishment that the city did not even realize it needed until it came.

The first time I tried the popcorn from PopLuck was about a year ago when my name appeared on the “roll call” board. I was tagged in a post on social media by friends because my name appeared on their board. This meant that I got a complimentary bag of Generic Jenny (salted butter popcorn). Of course, there was no way that I could leave without trying more. I also got the Banana Split, which was popcorn accompanied with flavors of vanilla, banana, strawberry and milk chocolate. I also picked up a bag of Jovial Rancher, which was popcorn candy-coated with cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, green apple and grape flavors. Both were gone within two days because I could not stop eating them.

My personal favorites from PopLuck would have to be S’moreo and Buffalo Ranch. PopLuck also offers a wide variety of flavors that change daily. If you think that the flavors stop with candy coating and seasonings, you are wrong. Have you ever tried chocolate peanut butter pie as a popcorn? How about Banana Bread, Brownie Sundae in a Waffle Bowl or Oreo Shamrock Ice Cream Cone popcorn? If you ever wondered, or are now very intrigued, PopLuck offers crazy flavors such as these and so many more.

If you do not necessarily have a sweet tooth when it comes to popcorn, they have other offerings with more spice to them. Some past examples have included Irish Pub Floor, a flavor with cheddar pretzel ale, pub mix and hot fries; Cajun Garlic Parm and Fish and Chips pop-corn featuring hot malt vinegar, potato sticks and goldfish crackers. PopLuck is the perfect place to go when you need a break from schoolwork as well as a treat. The staff is very friendly, and it is also very interesting to be able to watch (and smell) the pop-corn being made right in front of you. Although the flavors change up from day to day, there is al-ways something that you will be able to enjoy.

The flavor combinations that they come up with will never fail to peak your interest! There is no way that you will be able to check out the board without being amazed that a flavor can be turned into a popcorn. Be sure to follow PopLuck on Facebook to keep up on flavors and the roll call. If your name is on the board, you are able to go in and get a complimentary bag of Generic Jenny popcorn.

If you would like to check out the gourmet popcorn but are unable to make the drive across the Bay front, don’t worry. You have the option to order the popcorn through DoorDash. Additionally, PopLuck Gourmet Popcorn is sold at many Country Fair stores around the area. This popcorn is unique and fantastic, no matter which flavor you choose. Whether you have a sweet tooth or like something salty and spicy, they have something for everyone. The plaza also has a variety of other businesses, including some that have previously been featured in the 814.There’s no reason not to swing by and find something that you might love. Be sure to give it a try—you will not regret it.